YP intelligence
Private intelligence, fraud & corruption
We use an extensive network of contacts in different regions and industries. At the basis of our work, are comments from sources familiar or close to research subjects.
Internal investigations
Checking suspicions of corruption and fraud by employees and business partners. Identification of circumstances of doubtful transactions and preconditions for a conflict of interest.
Litigation support
Analysis of the position, "strengths" and "weaknesses" of the opponent, and also an overview of other conflicts with his participation. Identification of the lobby and partners, to with which he calls for help, and forecasting further actions.
Risk & Compliance
KYC and background screening of potential business partners including PEPs, high profile and high net worth individuals. Assessment of integrity, fraud and corruption risk related to potential business partners.
Senior hires due diligence
Analysis of professional biography of key experts and senior managers. Identification of reasons for leaving previous jobs. Assessment of reputation and risk of corruption and fraud.